Stickman Artworks

Picture Gallery

Cedars are very special trees.  Their strength lies in their soft and subtle grains.

This white cedar Spirit Staff had the Spirit of a Dragon within. 

36" to handle grip.


Wood comes to me from all over.  This piece found me from the Duncan area of Vancouver Island.

The Spirit of the Sun and the Moon were hidden in these fine white grains. 

39"  tall.




The Alcan Rio Tino Dragon Boat Festival is a staple of Vancouver summer activities.  This is the Dragon logo of the festival.




The Spirit of the Sun called out to be burned into the wood.  The Sun was carved and then highlighted with the fire of the Sun. 

 The Moon Spirit bowed the strength of the Sun and it's place lower on the Spirit Staff.  The Moon was also burned with the power of the Sun's life giving Spirit.



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